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7 Strange Things Stored In Self Storage

Most Self Storage customers store normal things like furniture and sports equipment. Some store their RV’s or boats. Yet more use storage when they move home. That’s what you expect to see in Storage.

But stranger things happen. People choose to store “strange items” away from their home. Here are some that have been reported by Self Storage operators:

1. Randy was a lovely Golden Retriever, a loyal obedient dog who’d been part of the family for many years. When Randy finally left his owner to chase cats and postmen in doggy heaven he left an upset family who couldn’t bear to be without him. His soul may have left but his mortal remains were kept and a stuffed Randy continued to bring joy. However when a new lady took up residence in the house, she failed to see the attraction of Randy’s presence and issued an ultimatum – Randy or her. That is how Randy ended up in a Self Storage unit along with his favourite toys and some photos of his family. His owner regularly visited and spent plenty of time thinking about long walks in years gone by. You can’t store Pets!

2. Dr Who’s most feared enemy; the Daleks, tyrants of the galaxy, remorseless predators upon unsuspecting alien civilisations, planned many conquests from a self storage unit, or at least one of them did. This lone Dalek could often be seen patrolling the corridors of a London storage centre. An obsessive Dr Who fan snapped up his Dalek, but had no room for the destroyer of planets at home. So this evil entity found its way into storage. The fan visited often and crept inside the Dalek’s armour before surprising innocent users of the facility. Never has there been a more secure storage building. Will Davros ever visit?

3. How many secrets do Self Storage units hold? One unsuspecting widow visited with her daughter’s to clear out her recently deceased husband’s life-long collection of vinyl records. She’d never been to the centre before and wondered how many records she would find as she unlocked the unit. There wasn’t a record in sight. But there was an extensive collection of studded leather wear, whips, zips, items of domination along with plenty of magazines that left nothing to the imagination. It was one of the shortest visits ever experienced.

4. Many women can’t resist shoes and before you know it there’s a collection to rival Imelda Marcos’s. Storage space at home soon fills and extra space is needed. All completely understandable, but when a man stores box after box of pristine high-heeled shoes you begin to suspect that they were not bought for regular wear. He sure he paid his storage bills on time.

5. Colourful magazines depicting the natural forms of people exhibiting a complete lack of shyness in front of the camera often find their way into storage.

6. Would you believe one person chose to store dust from his ancestral home. On breathing in the dust, the musty smell brought floods of childhood memories back. His room was crammed with other mementos, but it was the dust that really worked the magic.

7. Just occasionally someone will try to store themselves. The cool steel Self Storage unit proves to be an attractive affordable home. Who cares if there’s no lighting, power, toilets or windows? The only problem is it’s illegal.