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A New Room in 5 Minutes?

Have you been watching the “Block”? – Husbands and wives and tradies at each other, workers not turning up, people working day and night to renovate rooms, supervisors barking orders and more. Entertainment plus!

People spend thousands of dollars renovating houses when in reality they already had the space. All they had to do was to have a big clean up. The dump can your friend! But it doesn’t have to be this hard…

What do you do when you can’t add another room? Simple – rent a Self Storage space from us!

The best part of renting a Self Storage space is that the agreement is flexible; you can come and go as you want, it’s secure, and it’s convenient. Store all the stuff that you need that is cluttering up your house, especially at sale time. No one wants to look at your clutter! Store it now!

We have a full range of spaces to suit any room requirement that you might have: from a very small space right up to car storage, we can help.

Is this your room?

Let’s look at the numbers: if you were to build an additional bedroom on your house, the cost would be in the order of $25-$30,000. On average most people move every five years. You may increase the value of your home, but with the real estate market the way it is, who knows.

On the other hand you could rent a Self Storage space from one of our 4 locations in the ACT Region before lunch – you could move all your gear in and your space problem could be solved!

A lot of people use spare bedrooms for Storage – they are too valuable to be used when you can rent a Storage Space for much less!

It makes good business sense to rent Self Storage space when you need extra space rather than using up valuable rooms in homes at attached garages.

Our Self Storage spaces are your renovation! You can do without the renovation mess!

If you really do have to renovate, move all the junk out of the way and Store it with us, we will look after it!

Ask our friendly staff about what size Storage Space will suit you: they have all the answers to your Storage questions.