Businesses use Self Storage to their advantage

Businesses use Self Storage to their advantage

Businesses use Self Storage to their advantage

Self Storage not only suits residential users moving from one place to another and needing a storage space but also businesses. So how does a business benefit from using Self Storage?

Self Storage spaces are rented using a simple Licence Agreement. These agreements take only minutes to fill in and do not have the terms and conditions of a traditional lease. Pricing is more than competitive with commercial space and is often cheaper.

Self Storage spaces offer flexibility both in terms of size and term that they are used for. This suits the expanding business. Multi-national and multi-locational businesses often use a number of Self Storage facilities in a geographical area for their representative to use, often housing merchandise materials and business advertising materials for distribution to local businesses.

Business can use storage too

With the storer present on site, deliveries can be accepted and placed into storage. This means that the parent company does not need an expensive warehouse in each geographical location, saving on freight and more importantly, long-term commitment.

Excess stock , often after Christmas sales can be stored in our Storage facilities. Accessing the stock when needed is easy with seven day access. For retailers in large shopping centre complexes, it is often difficult to find additional storage space on terms that are financially viable for your business. Self Storage at our facilities offers long term storage solutions at economical rates, allowing you to fully utilise your shop space. Self Storage is the perfect answer for stores that need to store excess stock. Businesses can take advantage of bulk purchasing knowing that there is a place they can put the extra stock.

As the economy recovers, businesses will also recover and do more business, but that does not mean that they necessarily have to move into larger premises. Prime office space that costs in excess of $300 per square metre is not designed to store company records or old files. Store these in our Self Storage facility and you will save money. Use the extra space in your office to generate more business making you more money.

Ask us at any of our 4 convenient stores how we can help your business make more money by using our Self Storage spaces today.