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Get Yourself A Man Cave for Fathers Day!

We all like our toys, but men, every now and then the missus throws a wobbly about that motor bike in the lounge room…!

We have the answer – a man cave! You can have any size cave you like, we can cater for bikes, newspapers , house bricks, rolls of green carpet, folding machines, lathes, barbeques, surfboards, train sets, scalextrix sets, model planes, dungeons and dragons, gearboxes, car parts, go karts, Armoured tanks, Historic cars, Falcon GTHO’s, even Holdens!

Of course you can store your toys that she does not know about. We won’t say anything!

Dolls, Knitting, Cleo magazines, Tupperware, old curtains all are banned from you man cave. They can get their own Glory box!

Once you have your man cave you have a sanctuary, a place where your clobber is safe; it’s behind lock and key, no one has access to your man cave private parts, only you!

Your stuff is safe with us, we understand… we have hundreds of men just like you storing stuff in their man caves, so come on, before she takes it to the dump on Saturday, contact us now or rent online 24/7 before it’s too late. You know you want to…

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