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How Self Storage Can Add Value To Your Home

We all live in our “Castles”. We build houses but we live in homes. Over time, clutter sets in. First its the fridge magnet, then it’s the magazines in the toilet. Then it’s the extra car on the lawn. Of course we have plenty of TV’s as well. A recent survey showed the average house had more TV’s than people!

We accumulate stuff! Now that’s not bad for us, after all we are in  the Storage business. When we move into our shiny new houses they are pretty big. As we live in them longer, somehow they get smaller! Remember the lovely display house that you dreamed of having?

Display homes are very carefully crafted pieces of art. They have smaller beds, they have minimal furniture and are totally colour coordinated. Not like the rest of us!

Declutter you house when you decide to sell it. Move your non-essential items into one of our Self Storage units whilst your house is listed.

Here are some other tips:

  • Clean out drawers – people do look in them
  • Have your house cleaned professionally
  • Store your art, its not everyone’s taste
  • Make sure landscaping is tidy and lawns mowed
  • Brew some coffee half an hour before inspection
  • Consider hiring colour coordinated furniture and then have your house photographed for the agent

If you take our advice you may find your house gets the price you ask for or even better sells for more than you want.  Our Self Storage Managers can help with a space to suit, packaging materials and even free truck hire. Contact us here.