How To Store Models

Some us we never let go of our childhood passion of collecting things. For some its model cars and others model trains, boats or planes.
Storing these when it comes time to move can be hard. Luckily there are carton products designed to help. Crockery cartons with small compartments make for small places to store your valuable collection.

Always use bubble wrap clear side out and with small components, cotton wool wrapped around aerials and mirrors does the trick.

“Peanut” plastic storage can also fill the void between items.

Special cartons can be used for model Storage

Once you have packed the carton, clearly label the box fragile. Stack the box in your Storage space where it cannot fall if disturbed and try not to pack any other item on top of the box.

The contents are precious: It deserves it own space!

Pack it inside a cupboard or wardrobe will provide protection.

Wrap display cases in bubble wrap and remove shelves and wrap in paper. Ask us for packing materials. We have plenty  of packaging to help with protecting your valuable models.

Don’t forget insurance: You household cover may not cover these models in Storage.