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Major Security Upgrades for Capital Self Storage

Over recent month’s, Capital Self Storage has spent in excess of $320,000 upgrading security systems at each of its four locations in the ACT and Queanbeyan.

Square section steel tube fencing has been erected, much stronger than traditional chain wire fencing and CCTV digital video surveillance systems have been completely upgraded and replaced. The latest AccessEzy Digital Access Control systems have been fitted and upgraded.

AccessEzy was selected as Capital Self Storage security partner and the latest AccessEzy Digital video recording technology has been installed at all sites. New high-tech CCTV cameras with remote viewing capability and a number of pan tilt zoom cameras have been fitted.

The new cameras have low light capability and intruders can be easily detected, 24-hour recording is conducted at each site.Remote CCTV viewing for security at Capital Self Storage

The latest technology is being employed for the detection and prevention of unacceptable activity at each store and video surveillance records are linked to the access control records for surveillance purposes.

Store Managers have full remote viewing capability and access to Electric gate systems, providing a new level of service to storers.

With these upgrades, capital Self Storage now has the most sophisticated CCTV Surveillance and Access Control system of any Self Storage facility in the ACT and Queanbeyan.

Capital Self Storage has an enviable security record and with the security upgrades recently implemented, continue to provide the highest levels of security for customer goods and the customers themselves.