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Rents In Canberra On The Rise

The ACT has one of the lowest vacancy rates for housing in Australia and one of the largest increases of house prices in the country. This low vacancy rate puts pressure on ACT householders to pay increases in rent. Many renters turn to renting out a spare room to make ends meet. But what if that room is full of your stuff?

There is a 100,000+ housing shortage in Australia and the ACT Greens are calling on the ACT Government to facilitate converting excess office space into apartments to help address Canberra’s housing shortage. “We need to take innovative steps to ease our housing shortage. People in Canberra want more apartments. Median rents for apartments are now higher than for houses,” said Greens planning spokesperson Caroline Le Couteur.

“Canberra currently has an over supply of offices and an undersupply of houses. We have the highest office vacancy rate in the country: 13.6%.  Meanwhile our residential vacancy rate is less than 1%.”

Do the math. Rent a Storage space, store your stuff  and rent out that spare room and pocket the extra cash. We often forget how much space we use at home to store gear that would be better stored in Self Storage. Capital have a huge range of sizes and our friendly  Managers can assist you with choosing a size to suit.

The most used storage space at home is the garage. We all pile gear up in the part we don’t use and we forget that the garage cost us more than 50k to build on the side of the house! Clear out the gear and store it. Use the extra space for er the poor car thats out in the weather or a billard table!