Store Your Gear Whilst You Enjoy Time Away!

You have stopped the paper delivery, put the dog and cat into the kennels, but do did you remember to store valuable items you would not want stolen?
At holiday time, theft increases as people enjoy their summer break – empty houses with papers hanging out of the letter box signal thieves to break in and take your gear.

Self Storage is ideal for storing on a short term basis small items that you would not want to go missing if your house was burgled whilst you were away.

People store all sorts of items whilst they are away and we have small spaces to suit. We have Insurance and our property is secure, with Gate Access only by PIN number and CCTV surveillance.

Students can store their personal items whilst they go back home for the holiday break. This ensures their goods are safe from prying eyes in Uni dormitories.

Storing your goods whilst you are on holidays will help you relax , knowing that when you come back , your valuables have been looked after in secure Self Storage!

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