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The Winner of a months FREE rent has been announced!

I came to Canberra last July after a job change which was a demotion and a relationship break up after 10 years, including trying to have a child for most of that time. I had many things in storage from Melbourne and previously Alice Springs.

I chose The Capital firm distinctly for the great location to where I wanted to settle in Canberra, but it was the lovely natural and warm attitude of the managers at Phillip that made me committ to using the unit for longer, even when I was able to make another property purchase in Canberra which could no way accommodate all my goods and furniture.  So I’ll be using the storage unit for many months yet!

I am lucky though, to have the time now to gradually deal with the emotional and physical strain of being repsponsible for the personal affects of a lifetime that I have in my lovely clean and safe storage unit. Much of my things were belongings of my Mother, who passed away in

2000 and as my father has re married, I have been the only perosn in the family who has held onto much of Mum’s furniture, books and treasured possessions- which I am gradually sortng out and letting go.

Again, as time moves on I always feel great about going to Phillip Self storage to access these things. Just like having my own garage- only safer and cleaner and I don’t have to clean out the gutters every few weeks!!

Capital Self Storage in phllip is actually a great place to visit.  I feel safe and dignified when I visit to obtain, re store or donate and take away my things.

It’s always an emmotional load but the great staff make me feel normal when it gets to tough and I love being able to have a great coffee just around the corner to help me deal with all of life’s baggage- in more ways than one!

Thanks to the Phillip team at Capital Self storage!