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Why It Makes Good Business Sense To Use Self Storage

Home owners and renters are not the only people to benefit from  Self Storage. Businesses can make big savings by renting Self Storage space at Capital. With Business rents well over $350 per square metre, Self Storage really stacks up as an alternative to hefty office rents!

Uses for Business Storage include:

  • Archive Storage – We have the exclusive on Doc U Stor Boxes – Saves you 30% over tradional archiving
  • Sales amples and product and stock Storage
  • Point of sale equipment, restocking Storage
  • Office furniture storage – dont waste good fllor space storing furniture
  • Business storage for plumbers, builders, Electricians
  • Small business additional stock storage – we are very close to major shopping centres
  • Government self storage – we can help all Government departments
  • Pharmaceutical and medical supply houses -  samples and sales materials

Ask any one of our great Self Storage team for advice on how your business cna save money by using Self Storage today!