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Why some People Use Self Storage!

You do hear a few different stories or reasons why people need to have a unit. Yesterday one such story came to light; customers had come into our office on Friday 18th March wanting to know if we
would store their car in a unit. Of course we could help them and found a suitable unit for their vehicle. An hour or so after they signed up they came into the office wanting the phone number for a taxi, to take them to the airport.

My husband suggested that we had errands to do & could drop them off on his way. The Customers turned up in a taxi from the airport yesterday, with all their bags to pick up vehicle only to find out it had a
flat battery. So we helped them start their car. the car then turned out to have a crack in the radiator, so we suggested a couple of mechanics in Hume and one of them was a new customer from the previous weekend. They spoke to all and ended up going to the mechanic recently signed up who fixed their problem.

As it turned out, car owners had driven down from Sydney for a few days to look around Canberra & do the tourist thing before flying to New Zealand for a holiday until arriving back yesterday and had
decided to leave the car here until they need to drive back to Sydney!

To say thank you for helping them out,they brought us in a box of chocolates & a bottle of wine!

Steve & Leanne Breust – Managers Capital Self Storage Hume