Wine Storage in Canberra

wine1Canberra has the highest temperature range of any city in Australia, reaching from well below zero to 40°C+ at times. As one of Australia’s leading storage facilities, Capital Self Storage has responded to research and demand by developing specialized storage units for temperature sensitive products, such as wine, computer equipment, pharmaceutical supplies, fine furniture, musical instruments, leather goods etc. Our new Basement Cellars have been purpose built to store items requiring constant humidity and low temperatures, such as wine.

Our Climate Controlled Spaces are controlled within a band of temperature, ensuring the ultimate storage atmosphere for priceless collections. Statement of certification of environment is available on request.

Capital Self Storage Queanbeyan and Hume contains our climate control Storage enclosure and it was specifically built for constant temperature application and has a system to control and monitor the room temperature – the only one of its kind in the region.

Your Own Private Wine Cellar

The fully sealed room is double besser brick construction with no windows or skylights. The room is also semi-recessed into the natural contour of the property providing a naturally stable environment.

wineroomThe Mechanical Plant

The room contains reverse cycle ducted air conditioning to provide room conditions at a constant 17°C +/- 1.0°C. Any variations in temperature are minimal and over an extended period. Trend logs for the plant indicate minimal variations in room temperatures. The room will maintain a relative humidity between 40% and 70%. Each of the storage bays contains an air delivery outlet to ensure airflow and circulation to each area. Air is returned to the air conditioner for recycling and filtering via door grilles. The plant was professionally commissioned in June 2002 and has provided reliable and stable temperatures since.

Room MonitoringThe controlled environment room is monitored by a stand-alone thermostat and room temperature indicator. Should the room temperature drift more than 3°outside the design setpoint, a strobe light is activated. Should the site experience an electrical or air conditioning unit failure, conditions within the room will remain stable for up to 12 hours. This is sufficient time to arrange repairs to the equipment, or installation of emergency cooling plant if required.